How does it work?

And how can dynamic pricing increase my sales and profit?

The pricemonitor helps you to stay competitive 24/7 by automatically adjusting your prices.

Our service monitors your competition on online marketplaces and price comparison sites and reacts to price changes immediately.

Based on the prices of your competitors, the pricemonitor calculates the optimal price for each of your products.

The pricemonitor prices down to increase sales volume and prices up to maximize margins.

The pricemonitor enables you to implement your own individual pricing strategy:

You can set up a strategy for all of your products as well as for single groups of products.

Refine your pricing strategy by taking additional product data (e.g. your current stock) into account.


Frequently ask questions
  ⇨  What websites can be monitored?
The pricemonitor is able to monitor a wide range of websites such as
Amazon, Ebay, Google Shopping, idealo, PriceSpy...
We are also able to monitor online shops directly. Please contact us for further information.

  ⇨  How much does it cost?
Please find our monthly fees below:
< 500 products:£ 269.00
< 1.000 products:£ 449.00
< 5.000 products:£ 629.00
< 10.000 products:£ 799.00
Included are up to three websites.
We charge £50,- monthly per additional website.

There are no upfront costs to be considered!

⇨  How do I integrate the pricemonitor?
The pricemonitor is compatible to most shopsystems such as
Magento, BigCommerce and Shopify.
In case you are using a different system, please let us know and we will take care of the integration process.
We are also able to adjust the prices directly in Amazon or Ebay, if needed.

⇨  Can I test the pricemonitor?
Yes you can! Please sign up here for a free and non-committal demo.

Our team

Meet the people behind the pricemonitor:

The pricemonitor is a tool created by the company Patagona, which is based in Germany.
The heart of Patagona is, without question, the great team of employees.

The short communication and decision-making processes enable us to react immediately to the needs of our customers.
This allows us to quickly implement both standard solutions and individual strategic concepts.


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