What our customers say

In online trading it may quickly become complex: numerous products and prices, various players and strategies. As a retailer, however, our customers want to maximize their profits and margins under high price pressure.

For and with our customers, we are continuously working on needs-oriented solutions and the further development of our tool. So that e- retailers will be able to rely on automated price optimization with the Pricemonitor in the future and focus on more important tasks themselves. Our customers are already convinced of the high performance and value added of the Pricemonitor:


Overview with the Pricemonitor

...keeps Oliver W. from megabrille.de. Daily updated on market changes and the current situation on the marketplaces. By integrating the Pricemonitor into Shopware via plugin, the data exchange takes place automatically. After a short test phase, megabrille.de went live with the Pricemonitor and has relied on the automatic service since then, which does a lot of work every day.


Professionals on all channels

At profibag.de the name says it all. Mr. Berensen from profibag.de finds the Pricemonitor a "great plugin, which does a lot of work for us. Very clear listing of the prices in comparison to the competition". In this case he uses the Shopware plugin and has "real fun working with the tool. Once this has been set up, everything runs automatically."


What our customers especially love:

  • Quick help via our ticket system
    Simply create a ticket via the Help Center or by E-Mail and you will be helped.
  • Search the knowledge database (german)
    In our knowledge database you will find useful how-to articles that explain the Pricemonitor in detail.
  • Free Support
    You will always receive support from us free of charge.
  • Free Updates
    The Pricemonitor is continuously being further developed. So you always have automatic access to the latest version.
"In case of ambiguities, the colleagues from Patagona were also available by telephone at any time.."
"The Pricemonitor is a great tool. Awesome Support by Mr. Schlögel!"
"Just the solution we were looking for. Questions are always answered very quickly!"
"A great plugin that does a lot of work. It's really fun to work with!"
"The data exchange via the plugin works automatically and does a lot of work for us."
"With the Pricemonitor, we now have an even better view of our position in the market."

Team Patagona

The team around Maximilian Bank and Andreas Frankenberger currently consists of 23 employees. In our large office in Darmstadt, our developers regularly sit together with the sales and account managers to find new solutions for our customers. The short communication paths help us to make quick decisions and implement them.

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